Stylish Men’s Wedding Rings Have Come a Long Way

In previous generations, the typical husband-to-be was a little skittish about choosing his own wedding ring. That’s true no longer. Today’s young men have often researched the subject of wedding bands thoroughly and arrive at their local jewelry store armed with knowledge and opinions on metals, gemstones and styles.

These sophisticated shoppers are also more adventurous in their ring choices than were their fathers and grandfathers. The plain gold band of yesteryear is no longer always plain and it’s not always yellow gold. White gold, platinum, palladium and hard-wearing titanium are gaining in popularity as wedding-band metals. Combining metals for a two-tone effect is another way of adding design interest to a band.

Diamonds are also being used more frequently in men’s wedding bands. Stylish looks incorporate a single diamond, a horizontal or vertical row of diamonds or multiple diamonds encircling the band. Square-cut and baguette diamonds are popular choices and settings in which the gem is relatively flush with the ring itself ? such as hammer settings and invisible settings ? are practical choices for a ring that will be worn both at work and at play.  Some men choose styles that incorporate their ethnicity or culture. Irish claddaghs, Celtic knots and Russian interlocking bands are examples of ways to bring one’s heritage to the fore.

Should the groom’s wedding ring match the bride’s? No need, say today’s grooms, who know that happy couples don’t necessarily agree on everything.