Take This Jewelry Quiz About the World’s Most Famous Diamonds

1) This famous oval-cut diamond, known as the Mountain of Light was re-cut to 108.93 carats during the reign of Queen Victoria and is now among the British Crown Jewels.
B. The Blue Hope
C. The Hortensia
D. The Sancy

2) The largest diamond ever found, this incredible gem was 3,106 carats in the rough and was cut into nine major stones and 96 smaller stones.
A. The Great Mogul
B. The Regent
C. The Cullinan
D. The Great Star of Africa

3) This precious gem was the largest stone cut from the famous Cullinan and is still the largest cut diamond in the world, weighing in at 530.20 carats with 74 facets.
A. The Excelsior
B. The Great Star of Africa
C. The Orloff
D. The Centenary

4) Once owned by Louis XIV, this famous 45.52-carat stone was stolen during the French revolution and had a reputation for bad luck and misfortune.
A. The Cullinan
B. The Blue Hope
C. The Great Mogul

5) Sold at auction in 1969 with permission for the buyer to name it, this pear-shaped, 69.42-carat sparkler was named Cartier until an actor bought the jewel for his leading lady.
A. The Blue Hope
B. The Tiffany
C. The Great Star of Africa
D. The Taylor-Burton

6) Unveiled at the Tower of London in May 1991, this 599.10-carat jewel is the world’s largest, most modern cut, top-color flawless diamond.
A. The Idol’s Eye
B. The Centenary
C. The Sancy
D. The Taylor-Burton

7) The best-known yellow diamond worldwide, this unique 287.42-carats stone was found by DeBeers in 1878, purchased by a famous Fifth Avenue jeweler.
A. The Orloff
C. The Excelsior
D. The Tiffany