The Diamond Solitaire Pendant Is A Singular Sensation

Featuring anything from a square-cut white diamond to a pear-shaped blue, a solitaire pendant is all about the glamour and glitter of this perfect stone.

The design of a diamond pendant varies as much as individual taste, and is largely determined by its setting. The most popular is the claw, which uses prongs to cradle the diamond and allows light to hit the stone from all angles. This not only maximizes the diamond’s brilliance, but can also make it appear larger. Bezel settings completely surround the stone and, in doing so, can provide more style elements – straight or scalloped edges, or even molded metal shapes.
Contemporary looks are created with tension-set diamonds, while cluster settings use smaller stones to accent the solitaire.

To a lesser degree, the diamond’s cut also affects the presentation. Pendants with fancy-shape stones – hearts, stars, even dolphins – lend themselves to more casual dress, and are often preferred by younger wearers, frequently on longer chains. With a more classic cut – round, emerald, square – the same longer chain can freshen the look of a traditional business suit. Chain weight and style options allow for further customization.

The current trend toward eye-popping large stones of a half carat or more coincides perfectly with a pendant purchase. Because the uncomplicated designs are as versatile and subtly elegant as the proverbial little black dress, the pendant will never get lost in a wearer’s jewelry box, as a trendier piece might. At the same time, the larger stone will retain its value more than a smaller one. As both a personal and financial investment, the diamond solitaire is a clear-cut winner.