The Gem That’s Right for You

Colored gemstone jewelry is offered in a dazzling spectrum of rich hues and alluring combinations. Here are some simple guidelines to help you create a basic wardrobe that reflects your personality and illuminates your style.First, think of the type of jewelry you wear everyday. Next, think of the precious metals your prefer, as well as the size and shape of your jewelry. Petite frames typically look best with smaller pieces or one vibrant, large stone; taller or larger frames can carry bolder pieces.If you prefer to wear sleek black or rich earth tones, add some contrast with super hot pinks, yellows or sea green-blues. Or, try a new take on color in the form of opaque gems, ranging from deep coral to the hazy luster of pink quartz and milky aquamarine. Experiment with varying cuts of citrine, peridot, tourmaline, iolite or amethyst to accentuate eyes, complement skin tone and bring out highlights. Bring intense colors closer to the face by carefully choosing earrings and chokers. Tanzanite and blue topaz make lighter eyes pop and look great against tanned skin. Citrine brings out golden highlights; emeralds, rubies and garnet sparkle on fairer complexions. Consider colored gemstone jewelry your best fashion investment ? one that is guaranteed to give you a lifetime of joy and radiance.