The History of Spiritual Jewelry

In varying degrees, of course, but for certain in every age of recorded history and on every continent, people were very respectful of their heavenly superiors, and they showed their respect and devotion by wearing various symbols that held (for them) deep meaning.

In antiquity, common spiritual themes in jewelry celebrated and symbolized food, fertility and children, health, victory in battle and, especially, life itself. Sacred symbols were always made of the most precious materials available. And as the arts and spiritual sophistication increased, so also did the variety and beauty of these sacred objects.

The dominant culture in America ? Judeo Christian ? has a particularly rich tradition of being lavish with sacred things. In Judaism, the Chai (life) and the Star of David (reportedly emblazoned on King David’s shield) have the most significant history. Various symbols were popular in Christianity from the earliest centuries. The fish, oddly enough, is the earliest, partly owing to several miracles of Jesus, but mostly because of the interesting acronym that each letter of Ichthus (fish in Greek) was made to represent: Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior. Other prominent symbols included the anchor (hope), a lamb (Christ) and a dove (the Holy Spirit).

As time passed, particular devotions and styles increased or decreased in popularity, and sometimes amid great controversy. But impressively, for most of the Christian era, sacred objects, art and vessels were the most common subject matter for precious metals and gemstones.

It took several centuries for the most popular religious symbol we see today ? the cross ? to take hold, primarily owing to the time it took for the scandalous memory of this means of execution to fade from the popular mind. Today, it is the chief symbol of the world’s largest religion. Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants of all denominations all have their various styles they hold dear.

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