The Ultimate Luxury, Tahitian Pearls Are Found in Many Hues

Tahitian pearls, one of nature’s great phenomena, are cultured pearls but with a big difference: their size and color rival that of any other pearl.

Grown in the exotic waters off the island of Tahiti, these rare and precious pearls take two years or longer to grow.

One of the most fascinating things about Tahitian pearls is their color range. While they are usually referred to as natural black, they actually come in a wide variety of natural hues from iridescent purples and greens to subtle greys and blues.

Use their natural colors to enhance your skin tone. Do you have a creamy complexion? Choose a bronze or peacock green shade of Tahitian pearls. For rosy pink skin, opt for grey or pure black. For olive skin, go for the drama of the bluish, purplish range.

For the ultimate in luxury, select a classic Tahitian pearl necklace of matched or graduated pearls. For a more contemporary look, choose a lariat or gold link necklace with stations or drops of Tahitian pearls. For a trendier style, contrast your black Tahitian pearls with rubies, pink tourmalines, coral or red enamel.

Earrings are a perfect showcase for these beauties. Picking up on the black and white trend, choose a bi-color style with one black Tahitian pearl and one white South Sea pearl. The pearls can be set in matching or reversed order.

The classic cocktail ring looks most contemporary with a perfect Tahitian pearl surrounded by a sunburst of baguette diamonds. Or choose a bold, modern look where the pearl is perched on a nest of sparkling diamond pavé.