Three-Stone Engagement Rings Are Steeped in Symbolism

Three-stone rings, which have been worn by brides since as long ago as the 1800s, are enjoying a revival of popularity today. Style-setter Madonna, for example, chose a platinum Edwardian ring with three large diamonds when she became engaged to British film director Guy Ritchie.
Actress Sharon Stone, singer Toni Braxton and supermodel Heidi Klum are among the other celebrities who have marked their betrothals with three-stone engagement rings.
For brides both famous and not so famous, jewelers offer a wide range of three-stone ring styles from which to choose. Madonna’s ring, for example, features a row of three diamonds of equal size as well as numerous pavé diamonds adorning the setting and the band itself. Also popular, however, are more traditional styles that feature a center stone flanked by two smaller diamonds. When Jennifer Lopez was engaged to Ben Affleck – the third and most famous of her four engagements to date – the singer/ actress/superstar sported a million dollar ring with a dazzling pink diamond center stone flanked by two smaller white diamonds.
In keeping with the adventurous and fashion-forward approach of contemporary brides, there is also a trend toward the use of colored gemstones in three-stone rings. Sapphire-and-diamond combinations as well as ruby-and-diamond combinations offer dramatic, yet classic, variations on the three-stone theme.