Thrill Your Fianc?e With an Engagement Ring that Matches Her Personal Style

Some women are attracted to a certain theme or stylistic idea. Perhaps your fiancée would appreciate a design that contains romantic symbolism, such as a three diamonds representing your past, present and future. She might like a ring patterned after one worn by a character from her favorite novel or movie, or by an historical figure. If she’s interested in mathematics or engineering, consider a ring with fascinating geometrical styling.

? When you’re choosing a diamond, note the shape of your fiancée’s face and figure. Is she angular, with a square jaw? Consider a radiant cut diamond centerstone. If she has small hands, choose a smaller stone of top quality. If she’s a traditional girl, go with a classic round solitaire, set in precious platinum.

? Note your fiancée’s colors: hair, eyes, skin tone, as well as the colors she favors in her clothing, jewelry, and even her surroundings. Some women are drawn to a particular color, and wear it almost exclusively. In that case, we might suggest that the engagement stone be something other than a diamond. A fine colored gemstone ? such as a ruby, sapphire or emerald ?  surrounded by diamonds is an elegant option, although not for everyone.

? White metals ? platinum or white gold ? are traditional, but yellow gold might work better with your fiancée’s coloring. Two- or even three-tone gold is another option. Consider also how the metal might work with the color of the stone. If the diamond is not quite clear white, yellow gold might be the better choice. Discuss all these options with your jeweler ? and have fun coming up with other ideas of your own!