To Mom, With Love

This year, make Mother’s Day unforgettable by giving your loved one a treasure as unique as she is ? a beautiful piece of fine jewelry. She will think of you each time she wears it, so you will be forever close to her heart. Whether buying for a soccer mom, an executive mom, or a fashionista mom, you can find just the right piece to suit her individual taste and style. Here are some suggestions…

Classic Diamond Jewelry. Specially designed to celebrate love and how it grows over time, Journey Diamond jewelry is a sure bet. Journey pendants and earrings feature at least four diamonds graduated in size, symbolizing a lifetime’s journey of love.

To sparkle alongside Mom’s radiant smile, choose classic studs, hoops or dazzling two-tone diamond and gold earrings. Or, try a curving, swirling or heart-shaped pendant with diamonds and precious stones. We know that she’ll love a gorgeous white gold-and-diamond right hand ring.

In Touch With Nature. If the Mom in your life is a nature lover, she will truly appreciate a hand-finished pin or brooch with a nature-inspired theme. Delicate birds and branches are popular motifs this year, as is sea life. Try a spectacular South Sea pearl octopus or a whimsical yellow and orange sapphire fish charm.

Fit for the Red Carpet. Or, take inspiration from Hollywood, where the uniform du jour is an armful of sparkly bangles and sleek cuffs. The other focus is on the ear, where studs and clusters are strongest, but chandeliers still reign with the young at heart. Hoops of all sizes and linear duster earrings can go from day into evening and work well with different hair lengths.

Sentimental Mother’s Jewelry. Mother’s jewelry illuminates that special bond between mother and child. There are myriad ring, earring, bracelet, necklace, anklet and charm styles to select from with this theme. We invite you to come in to see our selection.