To My Love, On Valentine’s Day

Your Valentine’s Day shopping list is without a doubt much shorter than your Christmas one. Your mail carrier, for example, is probably not expecting you to present him with a small box tied with a bow on February 14th. But the fact that your list may only have one or two names on it doesn’t mean you can leave your Valentine’s Day shopping until the last minute.

Valentine’s Day is the holiday for lovers, and the gift you choose for that special sweetheart is laden with emotional subtext. There are gifts that say, ?I know we haven’t been dating long, but I really like you.? There are gifts that say, ?I love you, and my next gift will probably be an engagement ring.? And there are even gifts that say, ?There’s no one with whom I would rather have spent the past 50 years.?

Choosing the gift that best conveys your sentiments may not be easy, but a good first step in the process is to visit your favorite jewelry store (hint, hint), where you will find rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces and bracelets that can beautifully convey to the recipient the most nuanced of romantic messages. If you need some assistance, our friendly and knowledgeable sales associates will share their wealth of experience.

The Most Romantic of motifs, hearts are a great choice for Valentine’s Day. From simple to elaborate, myriad designs ensure there’s a perfect gift of the heart for daddy’s little girl, a bride for 20 years and everyone in between.

While fashion and versatility are key in to most jewelry selections, heart-themed jewelry is timeless.

A more subtle use of the design is the heart-shaped stone. A variation of the brilliant cut and similar to the pear in shape, the heart-shaped stone is ultra romantic.

Valentine’s Day is also an excellent  time to dazzle your significant other with a diamond anniversary band or diamond fashion ring. For married couples, the anniversary band can be given as a Valentine gift, as well as an anniversary gift. When the message is love, the exact anniversary timing is less important than the sentiment behind it.  The gift of diamond jewelry provides a lovely metaphor for a great romance: beautiful, rare and forever. The rings shown on these pages are just a small sampling of what we have to offer. Our showcases are filled with eye-popping possibilities.

What about a pair of delicate pink opal briolette earrings or an inspirational Hopeful Heart? gold pendant for your special sweetheart. Or may we recommend for your teenage daughter sterling silver earrings featuring a tiny freshwater cultured pearl?

Red-hued gems, such as rubies, garnet and rubelite, also speak the language of romance. A gemstone necklace (there are red gems for every budget) can be a lovely Valentine’s Day gift, perhaps more suited to a love of long standing.
Watch her heart melt when you present her with a gift of fine jewelry ? a gift that creates lifelong memories, can be cherished for generations and shows how much you really care.