Valentine Diamonds

Despite the stone’s simplicity, diamond-jewelry gifts can still be chosen to reflect the taste of the intended wearer.  Even the most classic of all diamond designs ? the diamond solitaire ? doesn’t have to be one-size-fits-all if you choose the stone size and shape, precious metal type and mounting style to suit your loved one’s preferences.

Classic gifts are best not only for traditionalists, but for those who are just beginning their jewelry collections. Diamond stud earrings, which date back to the 18th century, are so timeless and versatile, they’ve become a fashion essential.
Simple enough for shorts and a sweater, but elegant enough for Chanel, diamond studs are not only can’t-miss, but must-have.

Nearly as popular today are diamond drop earrings, which offer more dazzle and design options, and are an ideal accessory for the woman who already owns studs. An astonishingly simple and stunning diamond solitaire pendant is also considered a jewelry box staple, but diamond pendant choices go far beyond that.

The movement to imbue diamonds with even more meaning led to pendants with three stones, representing the past, present and future; these have been popular for so long that they can no longer be dismissed as merely a trend.

Close behind are the diverse ?Journey? designs, which feature diamonds in graduated sizes, symbolizing the course of love. For trendsetters, the latest in diamond pendants feature openwork designs, geometric shapes and pavé accents and outlines. Diamond tennis bracelets remain classic, but diamond fashion wrist wear has really come of age.

Cuff, mesh, oversized and multiple-diamond bracelet looks are fast becoming the way to be simultaneously stylish and sassy. And for the woman who has it all, diamond right-hand rings are distinctively personal, fabulously fashionable and yet meant for daily wear. Intended to look nothing like matrimonial rings, right-hand rings represent independence, and designs are limited only by imagination and budget. When a man gives a woman such a ring, he is not only expressing his love, but also his respect and value for her individuality.

With such a sparkling array of options, there is no wrong selection if you choose what looks good and feels right. As meaningful as they are beautiful, diamonds are the perfect gift.