Valentine Gems Speak The Language of Love

And right now, the choice couldn’t be easier. Our inventories are stocked with gemstones in every color in the rainbow and all are available in a range of styles and prices guaranteed to suit your budget.Unsure which gem to choose?

Here’s a clue: This year’s favorite color range is the red/pink category. For the most brilliant reds, think ruby, spinel, garnet or red coral. In pink, the sky’s the limit. Diamonds, sapphires, garnets and tourmalines all come in luscious shades of pink, as do kunzite, morganite and coral. Pink enhances every complexion, but if she’s a blonde or redhead, the combination is especially potent. If her favorite color is blue, you’re in luck.

Designers choose brilliant blue sapphire, tanzanite and iolite for high-profile rings, earrings and pendants. Pastel blue aquamarine, topaz, turquoise and chalcedony are styled into beads, smooth-topped cabochons and glittering faceted cuts. Blue is one of those shades that works with every complexion, every outfit. Just choose the light or dark tone that suits her best.

Does her sunny nature favor the orange/yellow palette? Again, the choice is vast, from the palest golds of amber, citrine and yellow sapphire to the deep orange and cognac tones of Mandarin garnet, Mexican fire opal and cherry amber. Dark-eyed brunettes and women with olive skin glow with gemstones in these colors.

Over the past several years, the vivid greens of emerald, tsavorite, chrome tourmaline and peridot have captured renewed attention among fashionable women. Other choices include Imperial jade, green onyx, demantoid garnet and green zircon. Green is a perfect choice for almost all hair and skin colors; deeper colors contrast best with fair complexions; yellowed greens stand out on darker skin tones.

Speak the language of love this Valentine’s Day with a colorful gift of stylish gemstone jewelry.