We Take Traditional Mother’s Day Jewelry To a Whole New Level of Excitement

If you like the look and theme of gemstones set in a row (which characterizes the mother’s ring), may we suggest the three-stone diamond pendant, which is gaining popularity as a Mother’s Day or birthday gift.

The diamond line bracelet, in a gold or platinum setting, is another timeless gift that’s appropriate for Mother’s Day. (These bracelets are especially useful if the recipient happens to be a lucky mom or grandmother, who might have more jewels in her family than will fit symbolically into a ring.)

Bezel-set pendants, usually employing round stones, are another option: This is a clean, timeless look that can be dressed up or down. (Remember, by the way, if you’re choosing birthstones for a ring, pendant or bracelet, that tanzanite is the new December stone.)

Another option is to upgrade the mother’s ring that the kids bought with their allowance years ago. Why not have the synthetic stones replaced with vibrant genuine gemstones?

The charm bracelet is traditional, highly personalized and fun. These are available in karat gold or in sterling silver, which provides an impressive and individual look at a moderate price. May we recommend two charms for each child or grandchild: a silhouette of a boy’s or a girl’s head, for instance, accompanied by a charm indicating that child’s interest: ballerina, football, theatrical masks, a chef’s hat, etc. You might be surprised at how many different charms are available, covering practically every subject imaginable!

If you’re buying upscale jewelry for a young girl to commemorate her graduation, Communion, or other milestone, the key is to get something that won’t fall apart from rough handling. Sophisticated-looking enameled gold brooches are popular with girls, and so are bangle bracelets, which are just about indestructible.