What Does Your Favorite Color Say About You?

If red is your favorite gemstone color, it is likely you are a person full of energy, passion and excitement. You are strong in character and love to be active and competitive. You have strength and courage and want equal justice for all. Best gems: ruby, spinel and sapphire.

Orange personalities reveal high energy and are often restless. You are very conscious of design, form and structure. No messy offices or homes for you. You are a great self starter and motivator. Best gems: citrine, fire opal and topaz.

Yellow is the universal communicator. You are bright and expressive and give warmth to many. You are the life of the party, the best friend of man, and the voice of the country. Best gems: amber, citrine and sapphire.

Green is the color of healing. Health and balance are your goals, for you would like to discover life’s hidden secrets, as well as return the earth to natural harmony. Best gems: emerald, tsavorite and turquoise.

White is the color of cleanliness and purity. You tend to appear shy but in truth, you are very outspoken. Self-importance is a part of your personality but does not interfere with your higher motives. Best gems: diamonds or pearls.

Blue personalities are creative and the most artistic of all of the colors. Imagination is your name. Art, music and literature stimulate you. Blue people tend to be trustworthy, reliable and honest. Best gems: sapphire, aquamarine and blue topaz.

Purple personalities are visionaries. Your basic essence is one of spiritual consciousness and awareness. You find it natural to express yourself aesthetically and artistically. Best gems: amethyst, tanzanite and garnet.

Black is one of the most beautiful of colors and yet is the void of color, too. It is the color of detail. Black personalities are statistical. If a job needs finishing, you are the person to finish it. Best gems: black diamond, onyx and Tahitian pearls.