What She’d Love for Valentine’s Day: The Diamond Solitaire Necklace

The beauty of the diamond solitaire necklace is in its simple brilliance. Versatile enough for everyday wear, this necklace is both modern and classic at the same time. It brings a casual elegance to every wardrobe.

With its clean lines and fluid design, the diamond solitaire necklace presents so many possible combinations to suit the many tastes of today’s women. The diamond can be set in platinum, white or yellow gold in a three-prong, four-prong or bezel setting. The diamond solitaire necklace in platinum or white gold creates an especially dazzling look, yet yellow gold continues to be a traditional option.

The only remaining decisions are how big the diamond should be and of what shape. Research has shown that where diamonds are concerned, most women believe that bigger is better. An online survey found that 82% of respondents desire jewelry that includes a diamond of a half-carat or more, but only a small percentage of these women actually have their dreams fulfilled. A diamond of a half-carat or larger makes a statement about the woman wearing it and makes a declaration of love by the person giving it.

A new focus on fancy shape diamonds has many jewelry shoppers considering what shape reflects your love: heart, teardrop, oval or marquise. Although round brilliant diamonds remain the best-selling shape, by far, fancies enable the contemporary woman to express her sense of individuality and style through stunning pieces of jewelry.