When it Comes to Engagement Rings, Bigger Is Better

Most women already have a feeling for what they want in an engagement ring. Perhaps they’ve always dreamed of a particular style or maybe they’re blown away by the contemporary offerings of a new designer. Surely tastes vary, but one theme seems to be common among nearly all the brides we see ? they would love a quality diamond of a carat or more.

Although the engagement ring purchase is usually a collaborative effort, it’s important for the groom to be sensitive to the needs of his future bride. The ring on her finger represents a relationship. With this in mind, today, more than ever before, the 4Cs of diamond buying come into play. In most instances, engagement rings stand alone (until the wedding band joins in) and so the center stone must make a visual impact.

Cut plays a huge role in the final choice, as more and more designers offer unusual fancy-cut stones in their celebration rings. Still, most-coveted shapes for engagement rings remain the round brilliant, marquise and emerald cut.

Settings make their own statement of endless love, with many offered in rare platinum. Still, some brides prefer the allure of gold ? and white, pink or yellow gold all make beautiful bases for the diamond of choice. Some of the more scintillating settings include smaller sides stones, or a section of pavé that runs along the entire shank and across the top, ensconcing the center stone in shimmering beauty.

It’s a great idea to come in and see the possibilities. We welcome women who are pre-shopping, couples who are browsing and men who are looking to learn more about one of the most exciting purchases they will ever make.