Will It Go Round in Circles?

Circles and hoops and anything round continue to be sizzling and stylish, whether in geometric, multi-circle dangle earrings or lovely diamond circle pendants. Circles also provide a perfect symbolic gift for Mother’s Day, since the circle represents female power, never-ending love and the Circle of Life. Some of our favorite ?circle? jewelry this season includes diamond pavé necklaces, two-tone linked circle pendants and simple ring chain bracelets.
Today’s popularity of circle jewelry is simply building on a trend that dates back thousands of years. Long before the circle became the symbolic icon for contemporary wedding bands and engagement rings, circle pins, rings and pendants were used as symbols of harvest and fertility in cultures across the ancient world. Circles represented the cyclic nature of the universe, wholeness or good fortune, depending on the spiritual tradition practiced and where they were worn. The use of circular earrings to attract and hold good fortune is as old as the Etruscan, Sumerian and ancient Egyptian civilizations.

Headbands and necklaces made of circular links were meant to heal heartbreak as well as to create wholeness in both men and women during ancient times.

Archeologists discovered ?circle? themes in the treasure of ancient tombs. Circles were used in jewelry, amulets and other adornments.Even in the Dark Ages, many Celtic and Viking pins made to bind clothing and torques worn about the neck were circular in shape, to bring good fortune and repel evil. As late as Victorian times, circles of coral were hung above baby cradles to ward off illness.

Some cultures saw the circle as a symbol of democracy, a council or partnership of equals ? as a marriage was intended to be. The circle also represented mobility, as expressed through the wheel and worn in charms or amulets to protect travelers.

The traditional symbols transformed over the centuries into tokens of love and admiration, friendship or passion, depending on what gemstones and designs were used. Diamonds and pearls especially came to represent the enduring love of motherhood as much as romantic love. Rubies represented passion and romance, while emeralds arranged in a circle were supposed to bring never-ending abundance to the recipient, especially if worn on a necklace near the heart.

Look to us for a great range of circle-themed jewelry that’s guaranteed to warm the hearts of mothers of all ages. From simple gold circle pendants to heirloom-quality Circles of Life rimmed with channel-set or prong-set diamonds, circles are a sure bet for Mother’s Day gift giving.