Buffalo Bills Players Wear "3" Pendants to Honor Recovering Damar Hamlin

The entire Buffalo Bills squad honored Damar Hamlin during yesterday's AFC divisional playoff game against the Cincinnati Bengals by wearing 14-karat gold "3" pendants under their uniforms.

The 24-year-old safety, whose uniform number is 3, was recently released from the hospital after sustaining a scary, life-threatening injury during a Monday Night Football game on January 2. Hamlin had taken a blow to the chest and went into cardiac arrest. Quick action by the team's medical staff is credited with saving his life.

That game, which was paused and then canceled because of the seriousness of Hamlin's injury, was also against the Bengals.

Since then, Hamlin's remarkable and inspirational recovery has touch the lives of sports fans and non-sports fans, alike. He was strong enough to visit his team in the locker room prior to the game and cheer them on from a sky box.

Donations have poured into Hamlin's foundation, which collected $8.6 million to support young people through education and sports.

The "3" pendants were gifted to the team by Gabriel Jacobs of New York-based Rafaello & Co.

Known as the "Jeweler to the Stars," Jacobs told TMZ, "I was extremely moved by all the outpouring of love and donations that came from all across the world. Being a jeweler, I wanted to give back in my own way by gifting these pendants as a way for the Buffalo Bills team to continue to honor Hamlin."

The pendants measure 2 1/2 inches tall and feature a tiny heart applied to the bottom-right of Hamlin's number. Inscribed on the back of the pendant is a quote from Hamlin: "If you get a chance to show some love today do it! It won't cost you nothing."

Jacobs shared pics of the pendants on his company's Instagram page. Players Dion Dawkins and Von Miller posted photos of the jewelry on their respective Instagram Stories.

In addition to the 80 pendants that Jacobs provided to the players and Hamlin's family, he also designed a special white gold and diamond version for Hamlin himself.

NFL players are allowed to wear chain necklaces during the game as long as they do not have a “hard object” attached to them. If there is a hard object attached, that item can not be visible. Players will typically tuck chain necklaces under their shoulder pads to keep them from being yanked off.

Despite the inspirational boost provided by the "3" pendants, the Bills were beaten by the Bengals 27-10. The Bengals will go on to play the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFL Championship game.

Credits: Jewelry images via Instagram / rafaelloandco. Players join in group prayer during rescue efforts to save Damar Hamlin, photo by Schetm, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons.

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