Diamonds Serve as Canvas for Dutch Artist's Laser-Inscribed 'Dream Script' Designs

Pablo Lücker, a Dutch artist best known for his "Dream Script" illustrations, recently introduced the HE(ART) Diamond Collection, a grouping of 13 round diamonds, each laser inscribed with an original heart-themed design.

"It’s a great opportunity to create a story of love and passion on the smallest canvas," Lücker wrote on his Instagram page. "The resulting collection represents where heritage and craftsmanship meets art and luxury design. 13 hearts, 13 love stories, all unique."

The 37-year-old collaborated with luxury jewelry brand Trophy by Gassan, an Amsterdam-based company that holds a worldwide patent for the GASSAN 121®, a unique diamond cut featuring 121 facets. The limited-edition collection includes a dozen 1-carat diamonds and a hero 2.75-carat diamond, each inscribed with a Dream Script heart.

Lücker described the HE(ART) Diamond Collection as "The world’s smallest work of art on a diamond." The artist's challenge was to design a piece of art that could fit neatly onto the table facet of a diamond.

"For me, as an artist, it's very, very important that, because it's so small, the shape is immediately recognizable," Lücker told "So, that's why I also chose to create 13 unique hearts."

To get a feeling for the size of his canvas, consider that a 1 carat round diamond has a diameter of 6.4mm. The ideal proportion for the flat table facet that you see when you look down on a round diamond is about 55% of the total diameter. That means the table alone measures about 3.5mm, or 0.137 inches — just over 1/8th of an inch.

Lücker and Trophy by Gassan unveiled the collection in December at the Masters Expo in Amsterdam. The 2.75-carat diamond carried a price tag of $134,000, while the smaller ones were priced at $31,000 each.

"Together, we took on the challenge and pushed boundaries," Lucker wrote on Instagram.

Credits: Images via Instagram / Houseofpablolucker.

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