First-Ever Tourmaline Auction to Highlight Production From Zambian Mine

Only one month after starring as one of the official birthstones for October, tourmaline will return for another dose of fame in a first-ever auction dedicated solely to the exceptional pink, green and bi-color gem.

Iridis, the world's largest producer of high-quality tourmaline, recently announced its inaugural auction of Zambian rough tourmaline gemstones, which will take place in Bangkok from November 21-24. (The name Iridis is a nod to the Latin word for rainbow.)

"We are excited to be showcasing some of the world's finest rough tourmaline gemstones," commented mining company CEO Cyrille Djankoff. "This forthcoming auction is the culmination of 18 months of production from our Zambia operations, which will see these stunning gemstones in a first-of-its-kind grading system with 100% traceability."

The mining company noted that Jagoda is the first colored gemstone mine to be actively participating in The Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance (IRMA). This commitment underscores Iridis's dedication to ethical gemstone sourcing and sustainable practices.

Iridis became a major shareholder in Zambia's tourmaline-rich Jagoda mine in 2017 and acquired it in 2022, with an option to extend the operating license for 10 years, starting in November 2023, according to National Jeweler magazine.

On its website, the company emphasized how it wanted Jagoda to be an example of what can be achieved by working in partnership with local stakeholders, providing rewarding careers, supporting communities, safeguarding resources and nurturing the environment.

"In the long term," the statement concluded, "we intend to add more value to the area than we extract in tourmaline."

Credit: Image courtesy of Iridis Gems.

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