KC Chiefs Celebrate Back-to-Back Super Bowl Championships With Spectacular Ring

In a private ceremony on Thursday, the Kansas City Chiefs’ players, coaches, ownership and staff received their hand-crafted Super Bowl LVIII rings, each gleaming with 529 diamonds and 38 rubies totaling approximately 14.80 carats.

The ring celebrates the team’s back-to-back championships and its fourth Super Bowl appearance in the past five seasons. With the team’s thrilling 25-22 overtime victory against the San Francisco 49ers on February 11, the Chiefs became the first team to “repeat” in 19 years.

Like last year’s ring that had a hidden element (a twist-off top that doubled as a pendant), this year’s design by Jostens features a hidden hinge mechanism that allows the ring top to swing open. Inside the ring top is a hand-written diagram of the last play called by coach Andy Reid — the “Tom & Jerry” — which resulted in Patrick Mahomes throwing a 3-yard touchdown pass to Mecole Hardman with 3 seconds left in overtime.

The Super Bowl LVIII rings seem to carry a double-dose of gemstone symbolism.

For instance, the ring top features the Chiefs’ interlocking arrowhead logo crafted from 16 custom-cut rubies, symbolic of the 16 division titles in franchise history.

The arrowhead is framed in 10-karat yellow gold and set with 50 diamonds. These 50 diamonds are a nod to the Chiefs’ dominance at Arrowhead Stadium where they outscored opponents by 50 points during the regular season.

The logo sits atop four Lombardi Trophies. Each trophy is set with a single marquise diamond representing the Chiefs’ four Super Bowl titles. The bases of the trophies are comprised of 19 baguette diamonds, marking the first team in 19 years to win back-to-back Super Bowl titles.

An additional 58 diamonds are set in the ring top as a tribute to Super Bowl LVIII.

Accenting both the top and bottom edges of the ring top are 11 custom-cut rubies, representing the Chiefs’ 11 regular season wins in 2023.

Adorning the left and right sides of the ring top in yellow gold and diamonds is the title, WORLD CHAMPIONS. WORLD is set with 39 diamonds, marking the 39 total touchdowns scored by the Chiefs in the 2023 season. The word CHAMPIONS features 70 diamonds, symbolizing the 70 points the Chiefs scored in the three playoff games leading up to Super Bowl LVIII.

Exactly 22 diamonds are set along the left and right side of the ring top, symbolic of the 22 points scored in the second half and overtime of Super Bowl LVIII that led to the Chiefs win over the 49ers.

Each corner of the ring top edge includes seven diamonds for a total of 28. These are symbolic of the Chiefs’ staunch defense that held every opponent under 28 points throughout the 2023 season.

While the hinged mechanism shows the “Tom & Jerry” play on the left, the right side features a red-and-silver miniature football field set with Lombardi Trophies in the center. Each recipient’s ring shows one to four trophies depending on the person’s time with the Chiefs organization.

The field is encased by a thin piece of glass. Floating behind the glass are 17 gold confetti leaves in the shape of Lombardi trophies. These are reminiscent of the on-field celebration and also commemorate the 17 points scored in the AFC Championship Game to secure the team’s fourth Lamar Hunt Trophy in five seasons.

Above the football field is a Super Bowl LVIII logo designed to emulate the iconic “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign — a nod to the host city. Underneath the field, is a custom area that shows the championship years the recipient has been part of the organization.

The left side of the ring features the player’s name created in contrasting yellow gold. Celebrating their individual contribution to the team’s success, players’ jersey numbers are rendered in white gold and set with diamonds.

The franchise’s championship years are featured on a banner on each side of the jersey number. GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium is rendered in detail and includes the 142.2 decibel rating and LOUD on each scoreboard. Completing the left side is CHIEFS KINGDOM.

The right side of the ring displays the words BACK-TO-BACK crafted in yellow gold. Below is the official Super Bowl LVIII logo in white gold set with 19 round diamonds and one marquise diamond. The 19 diamonds commemorate the team’s 11th consecutive winning season in addition to its eighth consecutive AFC West title. The logo is flanked on the sides by the team abbreviations KC and SF. The right side is completed with the word OVERTIME above the final score of Super Bowl LVIII, 25-22.

The interior of the ring shows the Chiefs’ logo above its 2023 team motto, UNITED, which is created from red ceramic. As a tribute to one of the most intense playoff runs in NFL history, the city abbreviations, scores and seed of the teams the Chiefs defeated in the postseason are featured.

Football fanatics were quick to point out that this section seems to have a typo. The Miami Dolphins carried the sixth seed going into the playoffs against the Chiefs. The ring shows them as the seventh seed. Oops.

Below the scores is the player’s unique signature.


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