Leading Diamond Miners Join Forces to Launch the 'Natural Diamond Council'

The world's leading diamond miners have hit the reset button on the "Diamond Producers Association," relaunching the global trade organization as the "Natural Diamond Council" (NDC), while at the same time replacing their "Real is Rare, Real is a Diamond" branding with the simpler phrase, "Only Natural Diamonds" (OND).

NDC's new consumer-friendly website, naturaldiamonds.com, will offer insightful natural diamond coverage under six key pillars: "Epic Diamonds," "Hollywood & Pop Culture," "Love & Diamonds," "Style & Innovation," "Diamonds 101" and "Inside the Diamond World." Overall, the group's mission is to promote the desirability of natural diamonds and support the integrity of the diamond jewelry industry.

"Our new digital platforms will inspire and inform consumers globally about the values and heritage of natural diamonds, as well as promoting the significant innovation happening throughout the world of diamond jewelry,” noted NDC Managing Director, Kristina Buckley Kayel. “The younger audience is clearly engaged and inspired when we present ourselves with authority in the digital world. It’s our aim to be number one across all digital platforms in our industry, and our ambitious plans reflect these goals.”

The OND website aims to be a trusted educational hub, providing all the facts needed when considering buying diamond jewelry.

On its YouTube page, Only Natural Diamonds, the OND posted a 50-second video with the caption, "What the modern diamond industry looks like today may surprise you. Discover the world of natural diamonds, today."

In the video, viewers learn that diamond producers are committed to giving back to the Earth by reducing their carbon footprint, protecting 1,000 square miles of land and supporting the livelihood of 10 million people with safe, quality jobs. What's more, the diamond industry is creating infrastructure, social programs and schools to empower future generations, while infusing $7 billion annually into local communities.

The launch of the NDC is the result of the collaborative effort of seven leading diamond mining companies: ALROSA, De Beers, Dominion Diamonds, Lucara Diamond, Petra Diamonds, Murowa Diamonds and Rio Tinto. Combined, they represent about 75% of the world's rough diamond production.

“There is no task more important than inspiring consumers with what we call 'The Diamond Dream,’” said Stephen Lussier, Chairman of the NDC. “Our mission is to educate consumers the industry and the positive social contribution diamonds make to the world today. Our members are committed to these goals, and the launch of the NDC marks an exciting step on this path.”

Credit: 813-carat Constellation diamond image courtesy of Lucara Diamond.

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