Love Is in the Air: Pilot Proposes to Flight Attendant En Route to Kraków

Love was in the air during the LOT Polish Airlines flight 3905 from Warsaw to Kraków last week. In a touching video posted to the airline's Facebook and Instagram pages, we witnessed Captain Konrad Hanc, clutching a bunch of flowers and a ring box as he got down on one knee and popped the question to his flight attendant girlfriend, Paula.

Hanc could hardly hold back the tears as he emerged from the cockpit to proclaim his love in front of a full cabin of passengers.

“On today’s flight there is a very special person and I hope that she doesn’t expect anything,” he said. “Ladies and gentlemen, about one and a half years ago in this job I met the most wonderful person that completely changed my life.”

Wearing his heart on a highly decorated four-bar sleeve, Hanc continued, “You are most precious to me. You are my greatest dream come true. This is why I have to ask you a favor, honey. Will you marry me?”

At that moment in the camera turned to witness Paula sprinting down the narrow aisle from the back of the plane.

She embraced her husband-to-be and said, "Of course, I will."

As the captain placed the engagement ring on the ring finger of his fiancée's right hand, Paula questioned, "I don't know if this is the right hand for this."

Hanc replied, "Yes, it is."

(In most Western countries, it's traditional for the engagement ring to be placed on the ring finger of the left hand. Oh, well.)

The captain and the flight attendant shared a kiss and then Hanc looked down the aisle at his excited passengers and shouted joyously, "She said, 'Yes'."

Hanc then got on the loud speaker and announced, "And now I invite you to Kraków."

The cabin erupted with applause.

The captain intentionally chose the Kraków flight for the proposal because that city in the south of Poland is where they first met.

After the flight, the couple posed for some social media shots, one of which focused in on her new ring, featuring a translucent cabochon-cut white or pale pink stone accented with small purple stones that are likely amethysts. The cabochon center stone might be a rock crystal or a pale pink rose quartz.

On Instagram, LOT Airlines wrote: "We're not crying, you're crying. Let's raise a glass to Captain Konrad and Stewardess Paula as they embark on their journey together. Here's the video of their sky-high proposal on our flight to Kraków, the city where their story began."

Please check out the full video here…

Credits: Screen captures via / flylot.

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