TODAY Hosts Fabricate 'Pet' Segment So Veterinarian Can Finally Get Her Ring

TODAY show hosts Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie fabricated a "Love Your Pet" segment on Valentine's Day as part of an elaborate ruse to set the stage for a surprise marriage proposal.

Veterinarian Priscilla Diaz, who graduated in May of 2023, joined the hosts on a live broadcast, where she fielded questions about how to keep pets active during the winter months.

Priscilla told the first pet owner (who was actually a TODAY show producer) that it's important to bring pets outdoors despite the cold weather, while being mindful of providing the right gear, such as booties to protect paws from the salt, and sweaters to keep short-haired breeds warm.

The hosts then introduced the second pet owner, who turned out to be Priscilla's longtime boyfriend, Carlos. He entered the set accompanied by the couple's very excited pup, Teddy.

The hosts asked Carlos if he had a question for the surprised veterinarian.

"I do," he said solemnly.

"Baby, since the moment I told you I loved you and we slow danced in your backyard, I've waited for this moment," he began. "We've been three, three-and-a-half years long distance, and now you're home. And I wanted to make you my forever Valentine. And ask you to marry me."

Carlos went down on one knee and then asked formally, "Will you marry me, babe?"

Priscilla quickly responded, "Absolutely. Yes! Oh, my gosh."

Carlos opened a ring box and took out a pear-shaped diamond ring with diamond halo in white metal setting and placed it on Priscilla's ring finger.

"Oh, my gosh. I love you," she said, as she and Carlos embraced.

The hosts congratulated the couple and presented Priscilla with a bouquet of roses.

"And we're not done with surprises for you," said Guthrie, who went on to list a series of valuable gifts from a famous New York bridal shop, men's formalwear store and retail jeweler.

The hosts recounted how Priscilla and Carlos carried out a long-distance relationship while she was away at veterinary school. They had started dating during COVID and were excited to be reunited when she graduated last spring.

Carlos admitted that he had the engagement ring locked up in his safe for months, as he waited for the perfect time to pop the question, but there were "hiccups" along the way.

First they got COVID and then Priscilla burned her ring finger, which further delayed his proposal plans.

"I can't make that up," Carlos joked.

The TODAY show team learned about Priscilla's and Carlos's love story from a friend of the couple, who also happens to be Carlos's boss.

"A friend of yours told us about you," Kotb said. "We created an entire pet segment so that you would come here we could have this moment."

"Congratulations and I'm glad your pooch was here to witness it, too," Kotb added.

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