Toddler Photobombs Parents' Beach Proposal, Earns Segment on 'Today' Show

An adorable toddler earned instant fame after a video surfaced of her innocently — and hilariously — photobombing her parents' seaside marriage proposal.

In the video shared by Today show host Hoda Kotb Tuesday for her popular segment called "Hoda's Morning Boost," we see an unnamed couple and their daughter at the beach with a glorious sunset in the background.

Mom is holding the daughter on her hip while Dad asks the youngster, "Is it OK if I ask Mommy a question?"

The dad has already set up a his phone's camera on the sand about 10 feet away to capture the memorable moment.

But, as soon as the mom lowers the toddler to the ground, the curious tike scampers toward the device, effectively blocking mom from the perfectly framed shot.

While down on one knee, the dad looks over toward the camera realizing that his good intensions have seemed to go awry. Still, he embraces the comical moment and goes on with the proposal.

Mom obviously says, "Yes," and jumps into Dad's arms, while junior continues to be totally enthralled with the technology.

Seconds later, the happy couple reunites with the daughter. Both Mom and Dad are wearing ear-to-ear smiles.

Little did they know, their video would soon be the talk of the Today show and its three million daily viewers. Kotb's daily segment is billed as "good news and heartwarming stories that start your day right."

The 51-second video was also featured on the Today show's website and social media channels, as well as the New York Post's website.

Check out the video below…

Credits: Screen captures via Youtube / TODAY.

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