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Brilliant Polishing Jewelry Cleaning Cloth

Brilliant Polishing Jewelry Cleaning Cloth

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This 6" x 8" two-ply cloth is made from 100% soft flannel.

The white interior cloth is thoroughly treated with the finest polishing agents

that remove and inhibit tarnish, leaving gold, silver and platinum shining like new.

As with all cleaning cloths, use very sparingly with rhodium or plated products.

  • Do not use on 24 karat gold, ivory, pearls, opals, coral, lapis, malachite, and other soft or porous stones
  • Do not wash, will remove special cleaning agents
  • Cloth contains no harsh chemicals or abrasives
  • Non-Toxic & Environmentally Friendly
  • Made in the USA
  • Do not use on thin-plated jewelry.

"I use this item everyday at my store and find it does a great job at polishing and cleaning tarnish off of jewelry, I am so impressed I ordered some for home use to clean my own silver jewelry, chemical cleaners have a harsh smell and the polishing cloth is perfect with a light wipe."

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