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Brilliant Cell Mobile Phone Anti Microbial Cleaning Cloth

Brilliant Cell Mobile Phone Anti Microbial Cleaning Cloth

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The first and only Antimicrobial Mobile Cell Phone Cleaning Cloth
An Exclusive Design Innovation Only From Brilliant & The Jewelry Factory


  • 2 cloths sewn together providing a double side for an extra layer of hygienic cleaning.
  • Black UltraFine MicroFiber to clean up fingerprints. Treated with Dow Chemicals #1 Antimicrobial: Silvadur, this cloth will also kill 99.9% of E Coli, Staph, Strep, MRSA, Candida, P. Acne and other harmful microbes.
  • Washable 50 times with less than 1% decrease in Antimicrobial effectiveness.
  • Provides hygienic cleaning for many other daily items: phones, glasses, ear buds, grillz & more.


“I’ve heard of Antibacterial. What’s Antimicrobial?”

A Microbial is Bacteria, but also Yeast (Candida) and Virus.

“What Antimicrobial treatment is in brilliantCLOTH?”

The black microfiber side of the brilliantCLOTH is treated with Silvadur™; Dow Chemical’s #1 Hospital and Medical Antimicrobial. Registered with U.S. EPA (#707-313) and E.E. BPD. Silvadur is tested and approved as non-toxic by Oeko-Tek; the world Fabric Safety Organization. It’s 99.9% effective against E-Coli, Staph, MRSA, Strep, Candida, P. Acne, Salmonella and most harmful Microbials (US ISO Test Method 20743; ATCC 25922). Certified Environmentally Safe.

“How does brilliantCLOTH work?”

-There’s a two-stage process. First, the brilliantCLOTH microfibers “lift” dirt, grease/body oil and microbials.

-Second, Silvadur which is inert in the cloth activates in the presence of Microbials and destroys them.

“How do I use my brilliantCLOTH?”

First wipe with the Black, Antimicrobial microfiber. Can be used wet or dry. Then finish with the delicate microfiber Brown Suede side.

“Is brilliantCLOTH washable?”

YES! Unique to Silvadur, unwashed Silvadur is 99.9% effective. After 50 washings, Silvadur is still 99% effective (Test methods AATCC147).

“What can I use my brilliantCLOTH for?”

Any surface that people touch: watches, pearls, cell phones, regular phones, pens, earbuds, headphones, glasses, tablets, laptops, computer keyboards/mouse/monitors, chairs, headrests, car steering wheels/GPS/knobs/armrests.

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