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Custom Law Enforcement Police & Fire Dept. Badge Money Clip

Custom Law Enforcement Police & Fire Dept. Badge Money Clip

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SKU: Custom Badge MoneyClip-818-01



This handsome money clip is created in Sterling Silver with a 14kt gold badge attached on top. Overall dimensions are 51mm x 25mm. We'll create a 3/4" (19mm) mini version of your badge in 14kt gold with a diamond & your department & rank personalized. Depending on your badge design, we may not do the diamond center. Fill in the details & email us a picture to

You have the option of a White or Yellow badge on top of the Sterling Silver money clip. If your badge is two tone, you also have that option.

The 3/4" badge is shown as standard on the photos here, if you'd like the larger 7/8" that is also an option.

You'll notice some of the badges we do, especially the 3/4 & 7/8" sizes feature a small sparkling diamond in the center, because a state seal that small is very hard to reproduce in precious metal. As you place your order, there will be an area to comment, so put any special instructions there. Your number & rank & the diamond are included in the prices shown here. If you'd like any other additions, let us know & we'll quote prior to proceeding.

Whatever your rank, the law enforcement & fire department jewelry created by The Jewelry Factory are the finest miniatures of badges that have incredible detail and capture the look and three dimensional craftsmanship featured in your full size badge. Our pendants are made in 3/4" , 7/8" & 1" sizes and are ready to be partnered with a chain and worn with pride. Price doesn't include a chain, but does include the highly detailed engraving of your badge number. We create these in 14kt yellow or 14kt white gold.

We have a 40 year history in providing the best quality badge jewelry for you, which means, we have done thousands of badges for literally hundreds of departments.

If you have any questions or concerns, simply contact us with your request!

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